Domestic Small Ship Cruising on board MS Caledonian Sky
Our Health & Safety Policies and Protocols

To protect you while you travel, the APT Travel Group and all its brands have adopted standardised
health and hygiene protocols as recommended by the World Travel & Tourism Council – the global
authority on the economic and social contribution of travel and tourism.
These policies and practices will be regularly revised in line with the latest medical advice,
advancements and guidelines.

APT’s MS Caledonian Sky expedition ship is certified and has capacity to carry 99 guests. The
advantages of cruising on this intimate vessel are numerous, from smaller group sizes on included
Zodiac excursions to no queuing when you disembark in port. Plus, the ship can venture where large
passenger ships can’t, providing far greater potential for adventure.

APT has partnered with the experienced medical advisory agency, Respond Global to establish these
protocols. We have proactively implemented in-depth policies and practices outlined here to ensure
the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

More on Respond Global – Specialist Medical Experts
Respond Global provides practical emergency management, infection prevention and control
solution to organisations internationally to deliver a localised response in times of need. Respond
Global has been actively involved in the COVID-19 response including managing cruise ship COVID19 outbreaks and implementing treatment and quarantine plans. Respond Global is currently
working with the world’s leading public health experts in advising company boards internationally on
how to re-establish their businesses post-COVID-19. Visit website to find out more

Health Screening
APT has implemented enhanced pre-travel health screenings, with specific COVID-19 health
assessments and reporting for all guests and crew.
All APT guests will be issued with a questionnaire to be completed by their doctor and returned to
APT’s pre-screening team no later than 7 days prior to departure.
Guests will be required to undertake a COVID-19 test prior to boarding. We have partnered with
Sonic Healthcare to provide our guests with efficient and timely PCR tests ahead of your journey
with us. This test must be undertaken no more than 72 hours* before embarkation for cruise
Both the pre-screening forms and the COVID-19 test results will be reviewed by our pre-screening
team prior to departure. *If land touring with us prior to cruise component of journey your COVID19 test will be arranged to be taken and collected while on your pre-cruise land tour.

Health & Hygiene Training
All our crew have either undertaken quarantine or self-isolation prior to boarding as well as having a
PCR test. Our crew will also be undergoing weekly testing. All crew will receive extensive safety,
health and hygiene training, including Bureau Veritas Safeguard training, specifically developed for
Covid-19 mitigation. Crew will be equipped to manage cases of illness, with your Expedition Leader
as the main point of contact. Our local operations team can also provide support.

Our Australian Suppliers & Crew
All suppliers used across our products meet COVID-19 regulations. All staff and crew have industry recognised specific COVID-19 training in areas of health and hygiene.
Vessel Certification
APT has ensured the MS Caledonian Sky has received a SafeGuard Label of Hygiene Excellence and
Safety issued by Bureau Veritas

On Board Protocols
Temperature Checks
Temperature checks will be conducted prior to commencement and during the cruise as needed.
Any guests who develop symptoms of illness are required to self-report to crew, who are well
equipped and trained to manage any cases of illness as required. In the event of anyone presenting
COVID-19 like symptoms, the person will be isolated and tested immediately for COVID-19.

Social Distancing
Guests and crew will be required to observe social distancing measures as required based on
protocols at the time and what is deemed appropriate.

Marks will be provided to everyone onboard. Guests will be required to wear masks whenever 1.5
metres physical distancing cannot be maintained. The wearing of masks will be governed by the
applicable State Health regulations at the time and may change without notice.

Full Service Meals
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be individually plated and served. There will be no buffets on board
under the current medical protocols.

Infection Response Protocols
In the event that someone becomes ill with any symptoms, rigorous infection control management
processes will be implemented.

On Board Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning and Sanitation
All cabins, communal spaces and surfaces will be disinfected regularly using proven antiviral
disinfectants. All stores and luggage will be sanitised before it is embarked.
Continuous Cleaning
Continuous cleaning of frequent touch points including elevators, handrails, public furniture and
fitness equipment, as well as intensive cleaning of cabins will take place.

Enhanced Sanitation
Increased sanitation practices and sanitisation stations are placed throughout the ship.
Vessel Deep Cleaning
The ship will undergo a full sanitisation between voyages.

Fitness Room
Guests will be informed of hygiene standards that are expected when they use the fitness
facility with signs at the entrance and throughout the Gym.

Ship Health and Safety Features
Ship Ventilation
In order to limit spread of infection around the vessel via ventilation, HEPA filters have been
installed where practical to capture any virals that may be present.

Fresh Air and No Recirculation
Each room/cabin has its own supply of fresh air. The air is pumped directly into each room from
outside the ship, which then flows from the room directly out of the ship again. This avoids any
recirculation of air within the ship. This means each room of the ship has its own air-conditioning
system, including isolation cabins.

Dedicated Isolation Cabins
Comfortable cabins are allocated for guests and crew who are required to isolate if necessary. These
isolation cabins are conveniently located away from high-traffic areas as well as being fully sealed
from the rest of the ship. Each cabin has been modified with negative pressure and supplied with
100% fresh sea air, pumped directly into each isolation cabin from outside the vessel, before flowing
outside again, avoiding any recirculation of air elsewhere in the ship.

General Information
Shore Excursions
Port visits may be changed or altered as required to remove exposure to shoreside hotspots or
suspected outbreaks. Queuing or crowding will be minimized and longer times will be allowed
for disembarkation as required. There are no excursions that visit or have interactions with any
local indigenous communities across the Kimberley and Top End. Only suppliers with COVID Safe
plans in place will be contracted and coaches will be cleaned pre-use. Guest will be required to
occupy the same seat on the same coach throughout each shore excursion and onboard toilets
will be closed.

The use of facial coverings on zodiacs is recommended when social distancing cannot be
maintained. This policy will be escalated to ‘must wear’ if the disease risk in the Stare or
Territory of operation has community transmission.

Guest’s Hygiene
Guest will be informed of hygiene standards that are expected when they use the ship’s public areas
and signage will be placed throughout the vessel.

Medical Staff
A doctor and a nurse will be aboard every voyage to attend to any medical issues and have both had
thorough COVID19 education and training.