What can you expect from

Your Travel Industry Club Agency?

Travel Industry Club is a membership club created for travel industry professionals, by industry experts. TIC is a boutique agency offering discounted rates to all sectors of the travel industry. We offer a comprehensive range of low-cost airfares, cruises, accommodation, coach tours, tours, packages, rental cars, travel insurance and more. Renowned for our service, TIC is committed to providing the best service and best value, ensuring our clients are assured a fantastic experience while curating their dream holiday. The TIC team is passionate about providing professional service and sharing expert knowledge. Our wide-ranging connections and global network of suppliers means we offer the best deal, every time.

  • The personal, human touch.

Isn’t it nice when someone knows your name and curiously wants to hear why and where you want to go, and what you would like to do? It’s a relationship. One of our mandates is to match you with the experience you want.

  • Preparation & Planning

We can save precious time and ensure your travel plans are going to run seamlessly. If something unforeseen happens, we are here to help sort it out.

  • Experience

Whilst we may not personally have experienced the places you choose or we recommend to you , we do have a lot of different experiences between us. Further we do have a large background of information and access to an infinitesimal amount of travel information and data.

  • It’s all in the details

That’s us! We will pay attention to the details, such as what time your flight arrives and recommend a hotel with 24 hours check in if necessary, seating plans, what type of hotel room, what type of cruise line, what type of cabin you like.

  • Knowing the world of travel experiences

This is what we do everyday! Communicating with suppliers and our partners updating on latest product developments, knowing the terms, conditions and rules, and these have all come to the fore, changing regularly during Covid-19. We are the go-to to help navigate the new travel world.

  • Having your best interests at heart

We guarantee care and support that is absolutely invaluable, especially during these changing times.

  • We’ve got the contacts

It’s about who you know. All of our suppliers are contacts that we have at hand. They are partnerships that have evolved over many years – 25 years in fact.