Pandaw – Laos Mekong

        Laos Mekong – 10 nights Ventiane to Chiang Saen or v.v. This...
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From $5885 p.p.t.s.From $2299 p.p.t.s

Pandaw – Mandalay to Pagan

    Mandalay to Pagan or v.v.  4 nights. Amazing specials All departures are **Super...
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Usual price $2498Your Price from $1099

Pandaw – Saigon & Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

  Saigon to Phnom Penh or v.v. 3-4 nights PLUS Siem Reap to Phnom Penh or v.v. 3-4 nights There...
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Was $2249 - Your Price from $899

Pandaw -The Irrawaddy

The Irrawaddy, cruising from Rangoon to Mandalay. The best of Burma! 600 miles and see all of...
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Normal price from $7355 p.p.t.s14 nights From $3799 p.p.t.s.

Pandaw- Classic Mekong

Classic Mekong & Mekong Unexplored. Cruise from Saigon – Siem Reap or v.v. Your...
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7 nights Normal price - $4300 p.p.t.s7 nights from $1599 p.p.t.s. incl taxes

Pandaw-Halong Bay & The Red River

        Halong Bay & The Red River – 10 nights All departures are...
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From $5735 p.p.t.s.From $2399 p.p.t.s

Pandaw-Mandalay Pagan Packet

  Bagan to Mandalay or v.v.  7 nights. Amazing specials & No single supplement in low...
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7 nights From $2900 p.p.t.s incl taxesFrom $1699 p.p.t.s incl taxes.

Pandaw-South Irrawaddy – The Golden Land

    Irrawaddy cruising from Rangoon to Mandalay or v.v. The Golden Land – 10...
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Normal fare from $5835 p.p.t.s10 nights From $2299 p.p.t.s.

Pandaw-The Mekong from Laos to China

            The Mekong: From Laos to China or v.v. For the first...
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From $9720 p.p.t.s.From $3899 p.p.t.s.

Pandaw-Upper Irrawaddy

All departures are **Super Deals**  & exclusive offer to TIC members! The Uppe...
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7 nights from $5000 p.p.t.s.From $1999 p.p.t.s