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SureSave Travel Insurance Policies: Available to eligible Travel Industry Club members residing in Australia


PLANS 30 and 50 Days Travel


 0-49 yrs  50-59 yrs  60 – 70 yrs  71-75 yrs    
Overseas Medical Expenses  Unlimited   Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited   
Cancellation Costs  $5,000 $5000  $5,000 $5000 Option to increase $20,000
Winter Sport Option  Additional   Additional   Additional  Additional     Optional Addon 
Rental Vehicle excess  $5,000   $5,000  $5,000   $5,000     Option to increase
Accidental Death   $25,000   $25,000   $25,000   $25,000      
Luggage & Personal Effects  $12,000   $12,000   $12,000   $12,000      Individual Item Limits Apply
Personal Liability  $2,500,000   $2,500,000   $2,500,000   $2,500,000     Combined limit 
Miss your flight – Not your fault  Unlimited (Extra Trip Costs)

$5000 (Cancellation Costs)

Unlimited (Extra Trip Costs)

$5000 (Cancellation Costs)

Unlimited (Extra Trip Costs)

$5000 (Cancellation Costs)

Unlimited (Extra Trip Costs)

$5000 (Cancellation Costs)

 Multi Trip travel valid for 12 months 

Annual Frequent Traveller

0-49 Yrs

50 -59 Yrs

60 -70 Yrs

71 – 75 Yrs



30 Days Travel – Super. Covers unlimited trips for business & leisure for up to 30 days duration for each trip











50 Days Travel – Standard. Covers unlimited trips for business & for leisure for up to 50 days duration for each trip









 Pricing is an indication only and subject to change at any time. 

Please read the policy wording carefully and in full.

Annual Frequent Traveller Plan

(AFT) The Annual Frequent Traveller (AFT) plan covers you for all trips you take within a 12 month period, for both domestic and international trips. You can buy an AFT policy up to 6 months before the start of your policy period.

How many trips can I take? You can take as many trips as you like; however each trip is only covered for a maximum length. You select this maximum length – either 30 or 50 days – at the time you buy your policy (which will then be shown on your COI). If you take a trip that goes beyond the maximum length (of either 30 or 50 days), then you’ll need to buy a separate single-trip policy to cover any extra days. When am I covered? Your cover commences on the day you buy your policy (the ‘issue date’ shown on your COI) for all domestic and international trips that start after the issue date shown on your COI. Each trip you take starts at the time you leave your home in Australia to commence your trip. Up until each trip starts, you’re only covered for that trip under events listed in You have to cancel or change your trip (see pages 34 to 49 for details). Cover under all other events begins when your trip starts, and cover for all events related to a specific trip ends on the earlier of: ► when you get back to your home in Australia; ► midnight Australian Eastern Time (AET) on the trip return date shown on your COI; or ► midnight Australian Eastern Time (AET) on the 30th or 50th day of your trip, depending on the maximum length of trip you select at the time you buy your policy. (This will be shown on your COI.)

Which events am I covered for? Your AFT policy covers you for all the events included in SureSave standard cover. See SureSave Summary of cover for a list of the events covered under your AFT policy. How much am I covered for? All expense and benefit types have a trip limit. This is the maximum amount you can claim for all claims (across all events) for each individual trip you take. The trip limits for each expense (or benefit) type vary by plan, and are listed in the What you can claim section for each event.

What about the rest of the family? You can add another adult to your AFT policy as an additional primary traveller at the time you buy your policy – and even if you take trips without each other, you’ll still be covered.
You can also add your children (and grandchildren) on your AFT policy as dependants at no extra cost at the time you buy your policy. They’ll then be covered under your policy provided they: ► are under 25 at the time you buy your policy;  ► don’t have a full time job; ► are shown on your COI as an Insured Dependant; and ► are travelling with a primary traveller at the time any event occurs. Just to be clear, if dependants travel without a primary traveller they’re not covered under your AFT policy and will need their own policy.

Already travelling? You can buy an AFT policy when you’re already travelling, provided that your trip starts and ends in Australia. But as with all SureSave plans, there’ll be a 72-hour waiting period before cover begins under all events.

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Travel Industry Club ABN 96 064 965 064 is a distributor for Cerberus.  This insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s.