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Expedition Cruising

There is cruising and there is cruising! Primarily Ocean, River and Expedition cruising. As cruising is becoming more popular and sophisticated as a holiday type, the cruising industry is developing more types of cruising catering for experienced travellers or those who want the remote & remarkable.

Travel Industry Club is passionate about cruising and has highlighted for you Expedition cruises in this one area.


On an Expedition cruise, you explore the remote and remarkable. Mostly it is luxury cruising focused on the destination. These cruises attract people who want to travel and learn about the destinations and cultures. These people are travellers, not tourists.

Expedition is experience. You may be out of your comfort zone, but you will be safe and comfortable.

As Conrad Combrink, Senior Vice President Development Expeditions and Experiences for Silversea explains
“Think outside life onboard and live the adventure of your dreams. Travel to unchartered territories and explore the immaculate natural wonders of the world as never seen before. Experience countries untouched by tourism and discover disparate cultures while travelling along stunningly beautiful shores.
Hike through forests, trek through the tundra, go zodiac- cruising through the ice-choked fjords and witness the remarkable: a humpback whale calf riding a swell on it’s mother’s back, a wandering albatross lifting  it’s enormous wings to take flight. Every minute will reveal something wonderful and astonishing.
If you are anything like me, your curiosity for exploring the most unique corners of the globe is never quite satisfied.”

Conrad, like the Expedition leaders and planners on all of the cruise lines offering Expedition cruises, are so knowledgeable, passionate and inspirational. We are truly lucky at TIC to receive such hugely discounted specials for our members, not afforded to other travellers.

I want to share these aspects with you to hopefully give you some insight into this specific type of cruising.  We will continue to develop Expedition cruising for our members and we hope by having the majority of these cruises in one area, it will assist you in your search.

There is so much more that can be said which we will continue to update with new and latest offers. Check out our current specials below, of course subject to availability at the time of booking.


Sue Francis – Director




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Seabourn Alaska

Ponant - Alaska

Silver Galapagos

Silversea Antarctica

Ponant Antarctica

Silversea North Europe & Arctic

Pandaw - Asia

CF Mekong Asia

Silversea Kimberley

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