Celebrity – Mediterranean

Cruise Mediterranean Europe.   All our Celebrity cruises are heavily discounted for travel...
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Cruises from $2289 for 10 daysYour Price from $1875

Celebrity – North America

     Celebrity Cruises to North America & Hawaiian Islands. At times Celebrity...
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7 Nights $1610

Celebrity – Panama & Suez Canal

 Celebrity Cruises to Panama & Suez Canal Savings and prices are per person. Inclusions on...
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15 Nights $2095

Celebrity – South America & Antarctica

   Celebrity Cruises to South America & Antarctica At times Celebrity runs special...
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14 Nights $2729

Celebrity Cruises – Asia & Middle East

Celebrity Cruises – Travel through Asia & Middle East. At times Celebrity runs...
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15 Nights $2039 pp

Celebrity Cruises – Pacific

Australia to New Zealand and South Pacific. Avail to all TIC members, Book Now! At times...
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11 nights from $2199 p.p.t.s.Your Price $1879

Celebrity Cruises – Transpacific & Atlantic

Cruise Transpacific or Transatlantic and save! Avail to all TIC members, Book Now! Savings and...
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13 nights $1830 p.p.t.s.